Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

We are truly at the crossroads of education. A silent revolution has been taking place in the way we impart education. Transition is on the anvil from slate to tab and blackboard to smart board. Education is constantly being digitalized and an onlooker is made to believe that we are progressing. Perhaps, we are! A lot of colour and light has shimmered into the classroom. There is so much of brightness in the environment and verbosity in the transmitter. Everyone seems to be enamoured by the glitter.

But there is always the danger of masking the light within every individual, when we endeavour to light up the outside. Light needs to enlighten the mind of a human being and enable him/her to see the unseen, to tread the unknown path, dent the horizon and keep pushing boundaries and make effort to pave the way to discover what lies beyond the horizon. Each individual has a contribution to  make, but education must enable the individual to do it, so that progress in the path of evolution is kept alive.

But is our educational system upgrading itself to enlighten the human mind or is it merely satiating sensual appetite, thereby stunting human growth? May be this binary distinction is a little too farfetched. Nonetheless, concerted effort to awaken the minds to a higher order of thinking seems to be lacking.Higher order of thinking is essential for research and evolution of humanity,and education must have the wherewithals to provide that.

What must we do to realize the true purpose of education? We really must go back to the basics. Basics of human learning progresses from schematic learning, to skill learning, to concrete learning, to abstract learning. A human mind must move from concrete operations to abstract operations, as Piaget, a great French psychologist envisaged in his Stages of Cognitive Development. If we do not make this transition in childrens’ minds, we stunt their intellectual growth; which is disastrous to human development.

Therefore, we should not fear to challenge our children to push boundaries of human limitations, because human capacity is limitless. We have to enkindle in them the passion to move forward in pursuit of excellence. It always begins with small steps and small measures. If we insist in the initial stages, to do today a little more than what was done yesterday and do it with a little more perfection, and constantly ask the question ‘Why do I do it?’; I think, we have helped them begin the journey towards the pursuit of enlightenment.

Schooling days are the formative days in the lives of the children. We, parents and teachers, are the formators of our children’s lives. Their destiny, to some extent, is in our hands. Should we fail in doing our best by way of collaborating and cooperating, we have failed our children.

God bless you.

Rev. Fr. Paul D’Souza                                                                                                                                                                                              Founder-Principal

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